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Awards and achievements

Ekvitestlab is one of the leading Ukrainian manufacturers of medical products for in vitro diagnostics. Thanks to high quality and constant work on product improvement, Ekvitestlab has received a number of awards and has significant achievements that confirm the professionalism and reliability of the manufacturer.

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Participation in national and international industry exhibitions, as well as scientific and practical seminars is an important part of the company's activity, which confirms the presence of Ekvitestlab in a number of advanced companies that move the industry forward.

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Ekvitestlab is a regular participant in the independent external interlaboratory assessment of LabQuality. Participation in such programs allows for maintaining high standards of quality and reliability in laboratory research and confirms the high competence and independence of Ekvitestlab in its activities.

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In 2019, the company Ekvitestlab received an award from the independent institute of the All-Ukrainian Industry Analytical Center for a significant contribution to the development of the regional economy, obtaining the right of primacy in the industry and excellent dynamics of the company's development, according to KVED 46.46 "Wholesale trade in pharmaceutical goods". This prestigious award confirms that Ekvitestlab LLC is the best company in the industry according to the "Reliable and investment-attractive enterprises of the Country" register and certifies high production standards and excellent management of the company's activities.

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Since 2021, the Ekvitestlab company has been a member of the Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Cooperation and active participation in the events organized by KCCI contribute to the establishment of new business ties and the development of business partnerships, which opens up new opportunities for business, including cooperation with organizations united under the auspices of the United Nations, other international governmental organizations, and business representatives.


As part of the program for the development of international activities, in 2022 the Ekvitestlab company acquired membership in the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce. This membership confirms the active participation of Ekvitestlab in the business community and commitment to high standards of ethics, and professionalism and promoting the development of economic ties between Ukraine and Poland.

Thanks to its awards and achievements, as well as membership in prestigious organizations, Ekvitestlab continues to prove its reputation as a reliable partner and a leading player in the market of medical devices for in vitro diagnostics.